«Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. »

Steve Jobs

Innovation Offers

Successful organizations are those which can sense and respond quickly to their customer’s needs.

Connect to your customer’s feelings and drive innovation (1 day)

One day to discover other ways of thinking to sense customer’s problems and identify their unmet needs. This will help you to have another perspective of the customer relationship and allow you to get on the innovation path.

You willl earn and understand the fundamentals of Design Thinking and deepenits inspiration phase through experiential workshops.

You will acquire the necessary tools to create a centric-human relation with your customers, conduct an effective research of customers’ needs and create a potential innovative opportunity quickly.

This offer could be enriched by individual coaching for people who will be interested in developing the interpersonal skills necessary to succeed in this type of approach,for more details see Individual Coaching offer.

Build your product and evolve your organization’sculture

If you hope to foster creativity and innovation at your organization, creating a product with innovative approach is the best way that allow your teams to live, to practice in their real context, to go beyond a simple training and create a value for a real customer.

I put at your disposal my qualities as a coach and my expertise in Design Doing approaches, Lean approaches and Agile approaches, to support you with the most appropriate approach for your context and your objectives.

I offer progressive support for your teams throughout the product life cycle. I help them understand the approaches, master the tools, integrate best practices, and develop the skills necessary for a creative mind and an innovative product.

This offer could be enriched by team coaching to anchor certain collective skills such as collective and creative intelligence. For more details, see the Team Coaching offer.