«Nothing is permanent except change »


Transformation Offer

Do not wait any longer ! Developing and anchoring your agility is your only choice to compete and thrive in this uncertain, complex and ever-changing world !

Whatever the level of agility of your organization, I offer solutions from the definition of your vision to its concrete implementation in your teams.

Organizational Agility

Creating the vision

To set the course and align all your employees, it is important that you have an inspiring and meaningful vision of  your target organization.

This requires the organization and facilitation of one or more workshops  to co-create and share this vision with your employees.

Agility diagnosis

This step is necessary to assess the functioning and level of agility of your organization.

 It allows you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your organization, and to make a comparison between the current state and the target state. These results provide a basis for co-building an action plan and defining metrics to measure progress for the future.

Change management

I accompany you with a humanistic, incremental approach, inspired by Kotter’s model and my field experiences in supporting change, and adaptable to your context, to set up, measure and monitor your transformation

Accompaniment of leaders

Leader’s involvement, agile governance, and leadership are pillars of organizational agility. Personalized support for your leaders individually or in teams is essential, to help them develop their relational agility, instill Agile values ​​at the heart of the company’s strategy and regain a dynamic that has a positive influence on the completion of projects and on the growth.

Operational Agility


A training course that aims to develop an agile culture and the skills necessary for operational agility is available to support you at any time during your transformation.

Support for managers

For any manager involved in an agile organization, individual support is necessary to allow him to grasp his role, develop his leadership and find his rightful place!

Supporting the key roles of an Agile organization

Operational efficiency requires support ingkey rolessuch as PO and SM. Please see the Agile Coaching offer.

Operational support and team coaching

  • Team coaching to promote multiple intelligences, create links, unlock potentials, and embody the values of the agile culture.
  • Support to renew yourself periodically, collaborate with empathy and respect, develop different ways of thinking and promote innovation in your teams.