« Regardless of who you are or what you have been, you can be what you want to be  »

W. Clement Stone

Individual Coaching

“Coaching a person is to accompany them so that they can find their own answers to the questions they are asking themselves or the problems they face.”

Contact me, I can help you in this crucial moment in your professional life.

How can I help you?

The goal of my individual coaching is to provide you with a singular and comforting outlook, which will allow you to overcome your difficulties, to cross to new levels of competence at a certain point in your professional life and to broaden your vision.

With a unique posture based on deep listening and unconditional acceptance of the other, I am interested in you at the same time as your problem, that is how I help you to change, to progress and to find solutions while respecting your values.

With a human-centered approach in its cognitive, emotional, and relational dimensions, I help you to bring out your talents, develop your learning while building an autonomy of reflection and action.

My neutrality and ethical commitment give you the opportunity to have a safe and original space for reflection and openness, to find your solutions and review your skills from a foundational basis.

My accompaniments are based on a rich career path, a professional coaching training at HEC, several complementary approaches  (Gestalt, neuroscience, systemic, positive psychology, narrative approach) and an infallible ethics.

What is the individual coaching approach ?

All individual coaching is a journey that is built in a tripartite relationship and takes place in three stages :

A tripartite opening meeting

It is used to formalize the individual coaching request with the HRD and/or the N +1, the coach and the person being coached. It helps to develop the contract with the shared objectives of coaching and to set the ethical framework for the accompaniment.

The start of coaching

As soon as the contract is agreed, the course of coaching will be modulated in terms of total duration (number of hours), rhythm (number of sessions), location (in or out of the company), start-up date and end date.

A tripartite closing meeting

It aims to assess the benefits of the coaching against the objectives set at the beginning: the progress of the person being coached, the sustainability of the skills acquired, and the difficulties encountered.